Why Join?

Do you want to surround yourself with ultra-smart, very technical and ambitious people, solve interesting complex climate finance issues and take best practices on these topics to the next level? Then join us.

Our private sector companies are driving innovation, change and facilitating investments in low-carbon, resource efficient and resilient investment through market mechanisms, pre-compliance markets or climate and sustainable finance mechanisms. However, we just can’t know it all so that’s why we need connections with people who have that extra level of information, know-how and knowledge to bridge gaps.

CMIA pulls really smart, technical people together to facilitate knowledge exchange and interaction between themselves as well as with key government policy makers, regulators, governments and industry. Forward thinking private sector companies and investors recognise that understanding environmental policy developments forges a better business strategy in order to know where the business opportunities are now and will be in the future.

Since 2008 CMIA has a history of translating climate policy into investment decisions and we provide member companies with a platform to develop solutions and influence policy on issues that will impact or enhance the environmental and economic effectiveness of their business activities.

The scope and scale of our network, associations and partnerships are unrivalled in the climate finance investment community. Join us to be a part of this dynamic, selective community. Contact the Secretariat at info@cmia.net about joining our association.

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