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At the heart of CMIA’s success is the energy that its members dedicate to the organisation. CMIA attracts international private sector companies from a variety of fields within the climate finance and investment industry including firms with financial, legal, engineering, accountancy, project developers and consulting backgrounds.

Membership is offered to companies and organisations which allows each benefit to be extended to employees of the member organisation. These companies pay an annual corporate fee.

CMIA membership provides the opportunity to get to know other like minded people interested in making a difference to society and taking action through advocacy for low carbon, high resilience investment. Our members actively seek to translate climate policy into best practices and investment decisions in order to make better business judgements.

Ultimately the issues that matter and drive fundamental change in policy, business, finance or investment always comes back to people and we like to think that we attract the best. For a membership application or more information about membership contact the Secretariat at [email protected].

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