No amount of research, reading material or blog can replace being in the room with other people like you. We spend most of our waking hours surrounded by work colleagues and we don’t always get a lot of chances to choose the people we surround ourselves with.

CMIA opens doors to associate and collaborate with others on issues of relevance to you. Our members are key to the organisation. Becoming a CMIA member connects you to a global professional network committed to low carbon, high resilience investment. CMIA creates a climate for change.

Change towards more efficient and effective climate polices, rules and regulations.

Change that drives innovation, technology transfer and market mechanisms.

Change that advances climate investments through a range of products and services designed to increase adaptation and mitigation towards a low carbon economy.

Climate finance is complex. Getting the most relevant and up to date information about developments in environmental policy, regulation and finance requires constant monitoring. Translating this into investment decisions gets complicated. It’s impossible to follow everything. That’s why we’re here.

Our member companies are driving innovation and change by taking real action. We provide a unique advocacy platform emphasising the economic, environmental and social integrity of market mechanisms, climate change policies and climate investments.

CMIA lets you see beneath the surface.

We connect with governments, policy makers and institutional organisations who seek out our private sector views in order to design policies, frameworks and facilities that are workable, bankable and scalable.

CMIA hosts events in association with members to provide a platform for speakers to address members and to provide members with networking opportunities, hosted in capital cities around the world and at major climate change, investment and finance events.

Contact the Secretariat at for membership enquiries.

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