Imagine that you had a group of people you could consult on complex technical climate finance, investment, regulatory or market issues. Imagine that you actually got to collaborate and connect with these uber smart people. That’s us.

CMIA facilitates knowledge exchange and interaction between key government policy makers, regulators and the private sector. Companies and investors want to understand environmental policy developments in order to know where the business opportunities are for them.

So what’s in it for you? We find that companies, businesses and organisations join and connect with us for a variety of reasons. Over the past ten years our partnership approach has created a network that is unrivalled in the sphere of climate finance. However, at the end of the day, it’s all about the connectivity of people within the association who are building bridges between climate policy and investment. CMIA facilitates this dialogue between policy leaders, governments, multi-national institutions, industry, businesses and our members.

Here’s the benefits most of our members mention when asked why they join:

Meetings with climate policy leaders and COP access

Do you want to meet climate policy leaders plus have access to the Conference of the Parties (COP)? The COP is the supreme decision-making body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and meets every year, unless the Parties decide otherwise. It’s the place to be for high-level climate policy leaders. Through selection our members can attend and many participate as speakers and/ or host side events at the conference. CMIA membership can give you a seat at the table where all States that are Parties to the Convention are represented at the COP.

Contribution to policy submissions

CMIA participates in Calls for Inputs from governments, jurisdictions and institutions as well as formulates our own policy position statements and papers. These are generally membership driven via working groups and as a member you can contribute on topics where you have expertise, such as market-based mechanisms, environmental regulation, energy efficiency and REDD+ to name but a few. These final policy papers are shared with the general membership thereby elevating the market knowledge of all CMIA members as climate policy, finance and investment requires a vast spectrum of technical expertise and market knowledge.

Climate market & investment updates plus intelligence about the Green Climate Fund, the Climate Investment Funds and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility

We’ll keep you posted with updates and events about what is happening with CMIA, it’s members and our partners. We’ll also let you now what’s happening with the UNFCCC, multilateral development banks, large institutions as well as the Green Climate Fund and the World Bank’s Climate Investment Funds and Forest Carbon Partnership Facility where CMIA holds the Private Sector observer role at these three funds which gives us insight in to funding flows and criteria for investments into low carbon, high resilience projects.

Working Groups

Interested in climate policy developments with regards to energy efficiency, carbon pricing, REDD+ or voluntary credits? These are just some of the areas of focus of our working groups. Our members push the advocacy of climate investments, instruments and best practices on complex topics requiring detailed, specific knowledge of the issues and work with their peers in a collaborative way to produce thought leadership, statements and policy papers.

Market Intelligence

We can’t know everything. We’re all limited in some way by the scope of our own knowledge or those of our colleagues. Imagine that you had a group you could consult on complex technical climate finance, investment, regulatory or market issues. That’s us.

Marketing and Promotions

Invitations to events via CMIA membership, discounts to events, conferences and subscriptions.

Networking and Events

No amount of research, reading material or blog can replace being in a room with people like you. The energy and enthusiasm that comes out of networking events, conferences, workshops and working groups drives connectivity and raises the market intelligence of our association as a whole. We provide a dynamic platform to meet the kind of people you want to meet in the climate market and investment community.


Invitations to webinars on a variety of climate market industry topics as well as the possibility to co-host webinars with CMIA on your area of expertise.

Workshop Participation

CMIA is consulted by governments, policy makers, institutions, academia and businesses seeking the biased private sector views of our members. Being a part of these workshops gives you access to high-level climate policy leaders, institutions, companies and individuals to discuss, contribute and exchange knowledge on complex climate finance, policy, regulation and investment.

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