The REGREEN Fact Sheets – From Start to Finish

21st September 2021 by Emma Goring

Nature-based solutions covering a range of topics.

Nature-based solutions for air quality improvement, water quality improvement, biodiversity, education, collaborative governance, health and well-being, flood mitigation, urban design elements, noise mitigation, heat mitigation and business.

This fact sheet gives an overview of REGREEN’s journey in terms of processes, outputs and milestones to showcase 13 inspiring nature-based solutions applied case studies, covering the following topics: Biodiversity; Governance; Health and Wellbeing; Education; Water Quality Improvement; Flood Mitigation; Noise Mitigation; Heat Mitigation; Air Quality Improvement; Business Activation; and Urban Design Elements.

The context in which these fact sheets were conceptualised was a task of the REGREEN project, which entailed showcasing inspiring examples of NBS from cities around Europe to serve as a reference on NBS planning and implementation across REGREEN’s activities. The fact sheets aimed to emphasise good practices, barriers and lessons learned. This process was carried out through a series of discrete steps:

  • Agreeing among experts what constitutes ‘inspiring practice’
  • Agreeing scope and process for the assessment of NBS cases
  • Questionnaires and interviews to describe NBS good practices
  • Design of fact sheets

Read more here and access all of the factsheets here: