CMIA Welcomes New Member Climatecoin Foundation

17th January 2018 by CMIA

London and Zug, 17 January 2018 – The Climate Markets & Investment Association (CMIA) welcomes new member Climatecoin Foundation to its community.

Climatecoin Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation based in Switzerland that is currently developing the biggest peer-to-peer decentralised carbon portal in the world utilising blockchain technology, with the aim of democratising the carbon markets and the fight against climate change.

Blockchain is a distributed database that is continuously updated and verified by its user, enabling the transfer of assets and recording of transactions through a secure database. This technology also records transactions openly and permanently, thereby fostering transparency and traceability. There is an emerging trend to integrate blockchain within different sectors related to sustainable development, including carbon markets.

Climatecoin is CMIA’s first blockchain member, increasing the breadth of knowledge and insight of our community of leading experts.

CMIA’s Executive Director Margaret-Ann Splawn noted: “As governments and the private sector work to rapidly implement the Paris Agreement they need to make use of all innovative and cutting-edge technologies available; blockchain is one of these. Using blockchain technology, Climatecoin is set to become the first carbon zero cryptocurrency in the world by ‘stapling’ a carbon credit to every coin. We welcome them to our community and look forward to their contribution to our thought leadership in innovative solutions to building a low carbon economy.”

José Lindo, Chief Executive Officer of Climatecoin said: “It is a real pride, honour and responsibility to be part of CMIA and be the first blockchain representative of such a prestigious organization. Being part of this community will allow us to execute our strategy more efficiently and effectively. It will also help us to stimulate new carbon investments thanks to the involvement of new actors, such as citizens, as well as driving forward the development of this new technology and enhancing an understanding of it. It is a challenge to do it in a simple and accessible way, but CMIA is the perfect partner thanks to its breath of members and ten years of experience.”

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Climatecoin Foundation is a Swiss-based non-profit creating a mechanism to democratise the carbon markets and the fight against climate change. They are currently developing the biggest peer-to-peer decentralised carbon portal in the world.

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