GCF insight 12: Country Ownership

8th July 2019 by Emma Goring

CMIA member Eco Ltd’s  twelfth GCF insight explores Country Ownership in Green Climate Fund (GCF) projects and discusses way in which the GCF could enhance it.

Country Ownership is the political support, active engagement and ‘owning’ of climate change-related initiatives (which) plays a central role in achieving long-term transformational results. It is a core principle for the GCF, as explained in Board document 10:

‘The Fund will pursue a country-driven approach and promote and strengthen engagement at the country level through effective involvement of relevant institutions and stakeholders’ (GCF/B.10/Inf.07).

It is therefore critical to better understand the barriers and motivations to achieving County Ownership.

Download the report here: http://bit.ly/EcoGCF