EIB climate survey 4/6

1st April 2019 by Emma Goring

Assessing citizens’ views on investing globally to effectively combat climate change.

Ahead of the global climate conference COP24, which took place in Poland on 3-14 December 2018, the European Investment Bank launched a first-of-its-kind climate survey, in partnership with the global public opinion company YouGov, to find out how 25 000 citizens feel towards climate change in the European Union, the United States and China.

Discover below some analysis and visualisations of the key findings from the fourth of six releases of this worldwide EIB climate survey.

You can download the full results data set here.

Climate change is a global challenge – but where should the funds be invested?

At EU level, there is a split of opinion. 35% of Europeans believe their countries should invest in helping developing countries fight climate change, while 33% are of the view that each country should hold individual responsibility for tackling its own, domestic, climate change issues, rather than investing elsewhere.

The figures are comparable in the USA: 35% of Americans would prefer to prioritise climate investment in developing countries, while 27% voted to keep investment at the national level. Conversely, only 22% of Chinese people voted to invest in climate issues in developing countries, with 31% believing that each country should be responsible for funding its own climate initiatives.

The EIB Climate Survey also reveals that younger Europeans have a more global attitude to solving climate change, by investing in other countries in need. Conversely, older generations are advocating more for domestic investments.

Source: http://bit.ly/EIBsurv