Countries urged to apply to new initiative for green and resilient recovery

17th February 2021 by Emma Goring

The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) is inviting more than 100 low- and middle-income countries to apply for funding and expert support to ensure a green and resilient recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is the program?

This invitation is part of the Climate Investment Funds’ Technical Assistance Facility (TAF), which is now launching its second call-for-proposals to help countries rebuild cleaner, greener and better. We are moving quickly – we established the COVID-19 Technical Assistance Response Initiative for green and resilient economic recovery in December 2020, with generous funding from the governments of the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland.

This call-for-proposals represents a rapid response to the unprecedented challenge countries face in responding to the social, economic and health crises from COVID-19. Countries are committing large-scale resources towards relief measures to pull societies out of a historic shock. Our program aims to offer technical assistance to help them take advantage of this once-in-several-generations unique opportunity to transform economies by ensuring a green and resilient recovery coming out of the pandemic.

This one-of-its kind initiative is providing a total of USD 30 million in funding via the following tracks:

  • Track 1: Accelerating clean energy investments through focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency measures that help countries attract investments and mobilize private sector financing for clean energy.
  • Track 2: Green and resilient recovery, ensuring that COVID 19 response measures are aligned with host countries’ climate and sustainable development plans in accordance with the recently launched COVID-19 TA Response Initiative for green and resilient economic recovery.

These tracks will support a wide range of initiatives and projects providing immediate assistance in response to disruptions and economic shocks caused by COVID-19.

How will countries benefit?

The funding, and expert technical support from experts in CIF and the Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs), can foster policies that attract clean energy investments from the private sector and rebuild economies sustainably and with more resilience against future shocks. These developments will not just boost economies and improve lives and livelihoods, but they will contribute positively to the future of our climate and planet.

Who can benefit?

A very wide range of low- and middle-income countries are eligible to benefit from this initiative. Proposed activities must be implemented in a country that:

  • Meets Official Development Assistance (ODA) eligibility criteria according to OECD/DAC guidelines.
  • Has an active Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) country program – i.e. a MDB has a lending program or ongoing policy dialogue with the country.

Who can submit proposals?

The CIF leverages a unique MDB partnership model where the five partner MDBs act as implementing entities of the activities supported by the CIF. The funds will be channeled through the MDBs who will develop and submit proposals for CIF-TAF’s funding considerations.

The deadline for submission of proposals is April 5th 2021.

See here to find out more about the initiative: