COP26 Hub: STEPS to Net Zero

8th September 2021 by CMIA

Unrivalled knowledge and expertise in climate change law and climate finance.

Enhancing climate change ambition is an overarching theme of COP26 and a priority of the UK Presidency. Investors, consumers and other stakeholders expect greater action and disclosure on climate risks and opportunities. As a result, Governments and private sector entities around the world are increasingly setting ambitious climate commitments. To achieve these goals, there is an urgent need to scale finance, technology and markets and couple it with strong leadership and governance.

With a long-standing history of participation and involvement at COP events, Baker McKenzie is at the cutting edge of climate change law and climate finance developments. We are currently engaged on multiple levels advising governments, companies and other entities on the implementation of the Paris Agreement, emerging compliance and disclosure regimes and innovative approaches to carbon markets and climate finance transactions. We have advised the governments of Morocco and Fiji on their COP Presidencies, and as part of COP26 are actively involved in Presidency initiatives to build a private sector finance system for net zero and to scale carbon markets including the Taskforce on Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets.

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