Climate Finance for Clean and Efficient Cookstoves – Climate Focus

10th January 2018 by Emma Goring

Climate Focus is pleased to announce the publication of an article on Climate Finance for Clean and Efficient Cookstoves in Boiling Point, a practitioner’s journal for household energy and stoves.

This article makes a case for using the architecture of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to facilitate the transfer of international climate finance to clean and efficient cookstoves activities, allowing for the rapid scale-up of registered activities and replication of efforts to new regions. Cancelled carbon credits could serve as a trigger for results-based payments rather than be used to compensate emissions occurring elsewhere. The CDM offers a credible and transparent framework that enables the linking of invested funds to verified impacts. By targeting initiatives capable of reaching financial sustainability over time, multilateral and bilateral climate financiers can encourage the creation of mature, private sector driven cookstove markets. Such financial support could enable the scale-up of activities in line with each country’s Nationally Determined Contributions, more than a quarter of which identify improved cookstoves as a priority area of intervention.