Carbonomics: 10 key themes from the inaugural conference

7th December 2020 by Emma Goring

Goldman Sachs hosted their inaugural Carbonomics conference on November 12.

Goldman Sachs hosted their inaugural Carbonomics conference on November 12, with 30 CEOs and key policymakers discussing their strategies to de-carbonize the economy and generate sustainable growth, in front of an audience of c.5,000 investors, corporates, regulators and industry experts.

In their Carbonomics study, they argue that Net Zero Carbon is becoming more affordable as technological and financial innovation, supported by policy, is flattening the de-carbonization cost curve.

Investors and corporates are driving this clean tech innovation through deep engagement across 10 key themes of de-carbonization and sustainable growth, which they analyze in depth in this report: Sustainable Investing & Financing, driving a seismic shift in capital allocation, with an implied carbon price of US$40-80/t; Renewable power, Re-imagining Big Oils, The rise of Clean Hydrogen and Rethinking Mobility overhauling the energy industry and driving US$16 tn of green infrastructure investments and 15-20 mn net new jobs worldwide by 2030; Circular Economy and Farm to Fork and Assuring Sustainability, as consumers demand visibility on their carbon footprint; Flying Sustainably, Carbon Sequestration and De-carbonizing Basic Materials to address the toughest to abate sectors.

Read the full report here: