Business Reporting on the SDGs

30th September 2019 by Emma Goring

A collaborative initiative by GRI and the United Nations Global Compact, ‘Business Reporting on the SDGs’ – an Action Platform, aims to accelerate corporate reporting on the Global Goals.


We are at a key moment in the evolution of sustainability; transparency is fast becoming the new paradigm for conducting business. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have ushered in a new era of global development objectives, aimed at addressing the world’s most pressing problems. The active participation of business is a principle driver in achieving these goals, but best practice for corporate reporting on the SDGs has yet to be established.

The UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, and GRI, the world’s leading organization for sustainability reporting, have formed a ground-breaking action platform to tackle this challenge. Business Reporting on the SDGs will complement the GRI GRI Standards and the UN Global Compact Communication on Progress, and enable measuring and reporting on the SDGs.

There is growing recognition of the value of corporate non-financial reporting. The Action Platform will leverage the GRI Standards – the world’s most widely used sustainability reporting standards – and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact to help businesses incorporate SDG reporting into their existing processes. This will empower corporate action that can make the achievements of the SDGs a reality.

The Action platform has created three SDG reporting tools.
The first deliverable, the report Analysis of the Goals and Targets aims to help companies understand how they are impacting the SDGs and their targets, by providing a list of indicators to make reporting on the SDGs straightforward and simple to execute.

Translations of the Analysis of the Goals and Targets available now

The second deliverableIntegrating the SDGs into Corporate Reporting: A Practical Guide outlines three steps for companies to embed the SDGs in existing business and reporting processes in alignment with GRI Standards and recognized principles. The publication is meant to be used together with other relevant tools released by GRI, the UN Global Compact and their partners as part of a company’s regular reporting cycle.

Translations of the Practical Guide available now

Finally, the third publicationIn Focus: Addressing Investor Needs in Business Reporting on the SDGs provides additional information about investor-relevant aspects of corporate SDG reporting.

Translations of Addressing Investor Needs in Business Reporting on the SDGs available now

Download the tools here: