35 Easy Ways to Go Zero Waste At Home

15th June 2020 by Emma Goring

Thinking of going zero waste at home? Your Earth-conscious actions could have a massive impact on our ever-changing planet.

In the United States alone, nearly 260 million tons of solid waste are generated on an annual basis, and landfills are rapidly nearing capacity.

While it’s certainly important to take action at the global, national, and community level, individual concern and simple modifications in our everyday lives can lead to lasting change.

Zero Waste: What Is It?

The term “zero waste” can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply put, the goal of low or zero waste is to reuse products when possible, cut down on items sent out for recycling, and avoid sending trash to landfills. In short, the resources we’d normally throw away are always in rotation rather than being disposed of.

Reasons to Go Zero Waste at Home

There are lots of reasons to cut down on waste in your home, from saving time and energy, to cutting down on trips to the store. Plus, zero waste reduces pollution, which improves the state of our planet, and can even improve human health as a result of decreased pollution.

In December 2018, National Geographic reported that 91% of plastic isn’t being recycled. In addition to overflowing landfills, these plastics make their way into our oceans and other bodies of water, leading to the ingestion of toxins by fish and eventually people.

The magnitude of the global waste crisis can’t be ignored any longer. By making small changes at home, we can begin cleaning up our planet and preserving it for future generations.

Wondering where to start? Below, we share 35 helpful hints that will benefit you, your family, your community, and our planet.

How to Go Zero Waste at Home

When transitioning to zero waste, many folks prefer an all-in approach, opting to implement multiple changes at once rather than tweaking their habits slowly to create lasting change.

While we applaud that level of commitment, we’ve found that gradual changes make the process easier and setbacks less likely. If you’d like to work up to a completely waste-free lifestyle, we suggest mastering one or two of the following changes each week for long term success.

Check out the 35 tips to transition to a zero waste lifestyle here: https://bit.ly/Spruce35