World Materials Forum 2021


17 – 19 June 2021

Nancy, France

We just finished the 6th edition of World Materials Forum that we created in 2014.
Always at the forefront of innovation, value creation and sustainable development.
Always with key people from the entire world bringing their knowledge, time and talent to make a better world while using our materials “Smarter, Less and Longer”. And a very special edition this year as we had to combine our strong belief in real meetings in order to create collective intelligence and the true impossibility for our partners and speakers from Australia, Japan, the UK and the USA to come to Nancy.
We believe that the result is a true success – be the big smiles of those who were present and the motivation expressed by these who joined remote often during the night at their place. So a huge thank you to all of you!
This year our focus was on “making it sound and fast” and we would like to highlight our key achievements:
  • the confirmation that our Criticality Assessment jointly developed by BRGM, CRU, Mc Kinsey and WMF is now used as a reference for key investment decisions in the field of critical materials and its further improvement with a new criteria called « environmental footprint » jointly developed with the German Ministry of Environment – see here.
  • fast and sound progress as well on our WMF KPIs that are available to all stakeholders for measuring their milestones on the road to decoupling and on the Start Up Challenge with a new “class” of nominees and 3 amazing winners: Brimstone Energy (Grand Prix), EH Group and Zeta Energy.
  • the launch of our Top 10 WMF Technologies – these that we expect will have a huge impact in decoupling growth and the use of our natural resources … if only all world stakeholders put these 10 technologies as high priority in their investments – see here.
  • breakthrough presentations done by our 2 key note speakers – Pascal Lamy and Shunichi Miyanaga – and all our co chairs and speakers during our 2 plenary sessions on “hot topics” – Plastics recycling and the new hydrogen economy.
You can find a selection of pictures here and all presentations under the tab “Program 2020”
And now we have fixed the dates of WMF 2021 that will take place on June 17th to 19th and always in Nancy: more to come about the program in the coming weeks.

Find out more here.

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