Global Landscapes Forum, Kyoto 2019


Connect, share, learn and act in Kyoto with the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), the world’s largest knowledge-based, multi-sector platform for sustainable landscapes.

In accelerating action toward creating landscapes that are productive, prosperous, equitable and resilient, the GLF is building its reach to 1 billion people across the world. Together, through collaborative leadership, it will create a force for positive change by realizing a vision of what can be achieved by a global community working together.

GLF’s “Return to Kyoto” will focus on sustainable landscapes as a critical part of the climate solution. Organized back-to-back with the 49th session of the IPCC, releasing its Special Report on Climate Change and Land, the event will bring together experts from academia, policy and practice in Kyoto, combined with a large digital outreach including online discussion forums and video messages around the world in different time zones. The event will cover practical and immediate actions for a climate-smart future, such as changes in trade, food production, investments, lifestyle and diet.

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