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CMIA Membership

CMIA is a membership-based organisation comprised of companies with climate finance and investment expertise. Our member companies work in the financial, legal, audit and professional services industries.

CMIA gives member companies a platform to develop solutions and influence policy on issues that will impact or enhance the environmental and economic effectiveness of their business activities.  The combined strength of our numbers ensures that these views are effectively presented to policy makers. Our combined influence ensures that our members views are effectively integrated into the policy making process.

Because CMIA is an accredited NGO to the COP as observers to the UNFCCC members companies can:

  • Participate in international climate change negotiations,
  • Conferences
  • Calls for input
  • Stakeholder consultations help design and reform emerging and in place regulatory and policy frameworks
  • Work with peers
  • Work directly with the Executive Director, Board and President on key issues of concern through our Working Groups.
  • Working Groups are chaired by experts selected by the Board from our member companies
  • Liaise with the Secretariat to join CMIA’s Partners activities
  • Participate in our active Private Sector Observer seat communications and recommendations at the Boards of prestigious climate finance funds
  • Keep abreast of policy developments through our advocacy updates

Through membership your organisation will be part of a global community network. All applications are subject to board review and approval. CMIA reserves the right to decline membership applications that are not aligned with our core values and mission.

We appreciate your interest in becoming a part of the CMIA climate community.

For membership enquiries please contact the Secretariat at info@cmia.net