Mission & Vision

We envisage a world where the private sector is actively engaged with government to ensure effective policy design and implementation that can mobilise the capital needed to build a low carbon economy.


To provide leadership and coordination from the private sector to achieve a climate-resilient, low carbon and sustainable economy.


CMIA convenes experts from the public and private sector that can mobilise capital at scale to address global climate and sustainability challenges.



To achieve this Vision we:

  • Translate climate policy and regulations into investment decisions and opportunities.
  • Contribute to policy submissions; the market intelligence of our collective membership and network is unrivalled in climate finance.
  • Connect our members and provide a platform for high-level stakeholder engagement, collaboration and identification of business opportunities.
  • Provide up-to-date information on best practice, industry and market trends. Our Active Private Sector Observer seats for the Green Climate Fund and at the World Bank’s Climate Investment Funds and Forest Carbon Partnership Facility ensure our members remain at the cutting edge of the climate conversation.

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