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We are all connected. The effects of climate change impacts in one part of the world are not just felt there. That impact ripples outward and is felt continents away. And the human cost of the these climate impacts are tremendous. Climate risks, vulnerabilities and impacts change the global security landscape and our political conversations.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), investments of around $16.5 trillion are required over the next 15 years in energy efficiency and low-carbon technologies to limit the global temperature increase to 2°C. Current levels of public funding committed under the Paris Agreement are far from sufficient to reach this objective. The private sector will need to play a vital role in bridging this gap.

The Climate Markets & Investment Association represents the private sector of companies, businesses and organisations working in climate finance and investment. We are a non profit trade association providing leadership to the private sector in the delivery of climate investment policy and market mechanisms.

Climate policies and regulations across the world are diverse and growing. Translating these changes into best practice or actions for investment decisions demands an interdisciplinary understanding of theory and know-how. Low carbon, climate resilient development requires an in-depth knowledge of markets, technology, policy and stakeholder interests.

We pride ourselves on knowing our members and connecting them together through networking events, working groups or workshops. Members get discounts to events, conferences and subscriptions, and access to UNFCCC climate change conferences

CMIA’s unique strength is the range and depth of knowledge and experience its membership, partners and affiliates can bring to any climate finance issue we choose to address. Our board members, affiliates, partners and supporting membership have always provided our foundations to facilitate change. We provide access to policy makers and regularly produce contributions to policy submissions. The market intelligence of our collective membership and network is unrivalled in climate finance. Translating climate policy into investment decisions is what we do.

CMIA is one of the two Active Observers for the Private Sector Organisations in the Board meetings of the $100 billion Green Climate Fund. We are also official Private Sector Observers of the $8.3 billion Climate Investment Funds, through our participation in the Forest Investment Program, and  to the $1.057 billion Forest Carbon Partnership Facility. Participation at these Board meetings, Participant Committees and Working Groups of these funds provides first hand insights to CMIA members.

Executive Director

Margaret-Ann Splawn

Margaret-Ann is the Executive Director of the Climate Markets and Investment Association. In this role she is responsible for the strategy and business development of the organisation. Before joining CMIA Margaret-Ann provided carbon origination, advisory, risk management and procurement services to compliance companies with carbon exposure in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. She also provided origination, advisory and procurement services for voluntary credits for corporates. Margaret-Ann has over twenty years experience in financial markets trading at a number of leading brokerage firms in bonds, interest rate swaps & options and credit default swaps. She earned her BA in Political Science and French at Austin College and her MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Margaret-Ann is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

To contact: margaret.splawn@cmia.net

T: +44 (0)20 7442 2195
M: +44(0)7971 678 011
Twitter: masplawn

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